Android Game Exciting and Interesting that You Can Try

If you like to play games on your android device and was looking for references gaming fun and interesting to play, here are four interesting games that you can try.

Android Game Exciting

One Tap Duels

In One Tap Duels you can choose one of those unique characters, ranging from ninja, pirate, up to Sparta warrior with a shield in his hand, which also will be the opponent throughout the game. Each character has a different strategy to anticipate the opponent’s attack.

Reflex finger plays a fairly important here. With the model of the game is so challenging, One Tap Duels could be a recommendation minimalist Android game for you who want to be entertained for a moment. Download in Google Play

Android Game Interesting Dan the Man

Dan the Man

Dan the Man is actually a game from Halfbrick Studio I’ve been waiting since March. After a soft launch period in some countries, now Halfbrick has finally released the platformer game globally and match my expectations, the game is quite fun when played.

Dan the Man game looks like a combination of Contra, Metal Slug, and pop culture references from modern games and movies. In this game, you are tasked to rescue a lover who was kidnapped by criminals. His attempt to pick up a lover is not easy, because she had to face a variety of enemies ranging from ninja, anti-riot forces, martial artists, until a giant robot. Download free at Google Store

Android Game Interesting

Stone Age Begins

By presenting the turn-based RPG gameplay, the latest game from Netmarble not only offers an exciting strategy game, but also brought a prehistoric theme that I have not previously found in mobile RPG.

As a hunter from the age of dinosaurs, you’re invited to hunt monsters and collecting various kinds of historical monsters will be a pet. The graphics are cute does not diminish the thrill of a typical grinding RPG mobile game offered Stone Age Begins.

Android Game Exciting and Interesting Drifty Chase

Drifty Chase

Drifty Chase created by Crimson Pine Games are games were voxel graphics with gameplay action car chase that reminds me of the classic Grand Theft Auto. In this game you play as a robber who attempted to escape from the police with a view top-down view of the screen depicted quite attractive in Android.

You are given a simple one-button control scheme, enough to make one sharp tap to winding. Throughout the game you will be kept busy winding in a sharp bend to pick up a pile of money that is scattered in front of the bank. Exciting!






Vikings Age of Warlords Guide & Reviews

The strategy game genre, and resource gathering it is becoming a trend in the mobile gaming market. Games like Clash of Clans and Game of War: Fire Age is no stranger we meet in top free or top grossing Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

With the success of the two games, no doubt many developers who want to follow their success and create similar games to follow the market tastes. The most concrete example you can see in the collection of games like CoC. Some offer significant variations, with the rest just wish the genre that brought to sell.

Vikings Age of Warlords Guide & Reviews

Vikings Age of Warlords comes to offer oversized theme Vikings who likes to fight, but also has a high culture. Here you will become a leader of a Viking clan struggling to become the most powerful nation with the existing control of the area.

Are Vikings Age of Warlords can offer a different experience to this genre? I will try to explain through the following reviews.

The first time you play, you will be greeted by an advisor who will guide you in the game. Starting from the story cliche about the next battle, you will be given a tutorial about the Vikings Age of Warlords step by step.

Tutorials are available to run quite smoothly, although many of the features that I learned myself outside the tutorial. If you are already familiar with the game of resource gathering like this, maybe you will also skip the tutorial because of boredom.

After a mission is completed, then you can “get out” from the tutorial and are free to choose any menu you want. Here you can go on a mission that will guide you gradually build a clan or do it your own way.

Gameplay from the Vikings Age of Warlords itself there are two, namely resource gathering and inter-clan fight. Resource gathering can be done by making the buildings in your city or explore the world map. This exploration includes fighting monsters in the map and take the resources that exist in an area.

Resource or primary resource that you can collect is food, wood, silver, and tech point. Beyond that there is some kind of currency you’ll collect as a VIP experience, poker tokens, and gold. The third currency has additional functions that can be obtained through achievement or IAP.

Next is the inter-clan warfare. If the player has met a certain level, the option to attack the city belongs to another clan will open. Here you can see how your troops to fight and have the option to send reinforcements if you have it.

Before the attack, it helps you do a “scouting” in advance. To do this you need a 1000 silver. If successful, you can see the number, type, and the total strength of the enemy forces in the city. If the enemy forces have the power under you, then it’s time to attack.

If you’re playing in this game, new real excitement happens when you’ve reached level seven. At this level you are able to attack players of another clan, but otherwise you can also be attacked.

Today there are good you own Clan to protect you from your opponent’s attack and also help each other in attack. You can transfer the city at strategic locations, namely near the city partners, alliances.

To win a battle, communication among the alliance is important. Therefore you must make sure that the language used is understandable and also has the same active time playing with you. Pay attention to the movement of other alliance members that at times can help and control of an enemy city.

If you managed to control a city, then you and the alliance will get an additional bonus of resources. Your destination for world domination Vikings were getting closer.

Unfortunately, Vikings Age of Warlords does not support the fight that there is an adequate graphics. Animation of forces is less detailed, as well as the fight there just an idea without you can control directly. For the current generation of mobile games, I feel should Vikings Age of Warlords could serve it better.

Finally, I must determine whether the Vikings Age of Warlords feasible for you to play or not. For those of you who do not have time to check the continuous game, this game is perfect for you because of the system of “notification” is good.

UI in the game also presents all the announcements that you need. If there is any work that is completed, then the game will tell you, so you do not have to commute from one menu to another menu repeatedly.